Modular Pet Enclosure Mesh Panel And Gate

If you need to secure your pet outdoor, our Modular Pet Enclosure Mesh Panel And Gate Outdoor Combo Sets are the most affordable and effective solution for you.  

Firstly, the build options are very flexible. Our panels and gates are 1.8m height and either 1.2m or 1.5m width, join them with clamps and you can build various modular pet enclosure outdoor combos.  You can add double base for extra stability or put-up free-standing panels for an awkward space. 

Secondly, our Modular Pet Enclosures are very sturdy and easy to put together.  It is because we make our Mesh Panel And Gate with 100mm x 50mm Mesh at 4mm thickness with hot-dipped galvanised and framed with 32mm OD / 1.4mm thickness tube.  The average weight of each panel is at least 15kg! With just a few panels, a gate and some clamps, you can build a very sturdy and durable outdoor Enclosure in just minutes!  

Our Mesh Panel and Gate are very popular for using to build Modular Pet Enclosure.  With 1.2m and 1.5m width options and simple design, you can build a fully secured outdoor enclosure at various size in no time.  It is ideal for dogs, cats, chickens and other pets.   

In addition, we have put up some most popular Modular Pet Enclosure Packages on our online store for our customer’s convenience.  Alternatively, you can buy Mesh Panel, Mesh Gate and Clamps separately for your customised combo or contact our sales team to assist you in completing your brilliant ideas.  

You are most welcome to come to our warehouse in Brisbane and Melbourne and take a look at our samples to check out the quality, we assure you that you will love them. 

If you need us to deliver or install, please contact our sales team via our hotline 1300 884 482 or submit an online enquiry, and we will get in touch with you shortly.       

Modular Pet Enclosure Mesh Panel 450cm x 450cm

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