Horse Stable Set 3600*3600*2200mm (L*W*H) -3 Panels 1 Gate

$ 3,300.00

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Horse Panel

Fence Size: Height 2200mm, Length 3600mm;
Mesh Part: 50*50*4mm, Square Middle Brace: 40*40*1.6mm
Frame and Middle Brace: 50*50*2mm;
Down Vertical Tube: 50*25*1.6mm*2pc;
Frame of the down part: 25*25*1.6mm; HDPE: 3494*1194*10mm;

Horse Gate

Fence Size: Height 2200mm, Length 3600mm;
Swing Door: Height 2000mm, Length 1150mm;
HDPE: 1024*1054*10mm

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