Sheep Yard System Design And Equipment

Super Rack supplies brand new sheep yard system design at a very competitive price, plans are produced with exceptional quality and design to ensure years of trouble free, either semi-permanent or permanent sheep stockyards.  

Our sheep yard plan is well designed to aid sheep husbandry, ensuring efficient stock flow into drafting and loading ramp, process and sort your sheep easily.  Circular yard design trends to keep the sheep to their natural behaviour of how they run and circle back to where they come from.  A well designed stockyard will improve your livestock handling operation, reduce worker injuries, less bruising of livestock and reduce in labour to efficiently handle livestock.

We also supply sheep panels, sheep gates and other sheep equipment individually, if you want to extend your current design or just to build something unique with your brilliant ideas, we can always supply anything you need, with the best price and service.

As we aim to deliver high-quality products and outstanding customer service, we promise to do our best to fulfil your needs , please contact our friendly sales team for free quote and enquiry.

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