Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking

Pallet racking shelving is a stock handling storage system designed to store goods on pallets. There are many different types of pallet racking system and all of them allow for the storage of palletized materials in horizontal rows with multiple levels.In Super Rack, we supply most of the types and configuration that are often used in warehouse:

Selective system (source) is the most common system in use. They are typically come in “roll formed” or “structural” configuration, and usually formed by uprights and pair of beams to create shelves for storing pallets. This type of system usually requires lower investment and has great accessibility, but does not allow as high density as other types of system due to aisles between rows of rack.

Drive-In and Drive-Through Pallet Rack allow forklift directly drive into the storage bay. The pallets usually store on side rails rather than cross beams. The main difference between Drive-in and Drive-Through is rather it has only one entry or can be entered from both sides. Drive-in typically use for LIFO while Drive-Through use for FIFO. This type of system allows high-density storage and usually lower cost than a pallet flow rack system.

Pallet Flow Rack System is often used for storing a large quantity of pallets of same products. It is formed by uprights and beams to support gravity rollers within the racks and usually set on slightly slop from load end to unload end. Speed controller can also be used to ensure the pallets travel smoothly and in a safe manner. This type of system allows very high-density storage and is designed for FIFO storage system, but also requires higher investment.

Push Back Pallet Rack System is very similar to Pallet Flow Rack System, except the pallets are loaded and unloaded from the same end. This type of systems allows high-density storage and is designed for LIFO storage system.

Pallet racking upright often use as supporting structural steel columns for mezzanine floor.


Great Service & Professional

Currently, we have customer service centres and warehouses in Brisbane and Melbourne and we expect to open our new Sydney branch in early 2018.

If you have a plan, our professional team can work with you to satisfy all your requirements.

Or you can simply let us know how large your area is and how do you want to store your stocks and our experts will give you professional advice on which system you should choose and let us do the rest for you.

In Super Rack, we design and supply different types of system to fit your needs, contact us now and let us know what you need and we will do the rest for you!

Quality and Safety

Safety and durability are always our first concern, therefore all our products have been tested in Australia to be compliant with and exceed the requirement of AS4084-2012. Please follow this (guide) for pallet racking operation and maintainence, this includes a person in control of racking, warehouse and maintenance, training organisations, forklift operators, store persons and health and safety representatives.


Super Rack as a large pallet racking Brisbane supplier, we offer brand new pallet racks at a very competitive price. Our prices are very transparent as you can check out from our online shop. We are happy to sell our uprights and beams one by one.

Australia Wide Delivery

We provide Australia wide delivery service with a very reasonable freight charge

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