Horse Round Yard

Horse Round Yard for sales, from 7.2M to 21M, and we can customise for a larger quantity.

Well-designed and properly constructed horse-handling facilities can add greatly to the success of horse management ( source ). Super Rack aims to provide the best solution to assist your horse management plan.  

Super Rack supplies brand new horse panels and horse round yard design at a very competitive price, plans include horse panels with exceptional quality, and the design and material will ensure years of trouble-free, either semi-permanent or permanent horse yard.

With many options to choose from, you can always find the perfect size to fit your needs.  We can also customise any size for you, please contact our sales team for details. 

All packages come with 40mm 1.8m x 2.1m Cattle / Horse Panels, you can upgrade to 50mm Panels at a little extra cost. Please feel free to contact our sales team to discuss your need

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