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Super Rack – The Best Garage Shelving Seller In Australia.

Looking for Garage Storage Solutions or Warehouse Storage Systems?  You are at the right place!  We have collected a wide range of garage shelving, with different sizes and loading capacities available.  They are the most popular units for garage and warehouse storage. 

We have integrated a fully functional online store on our website, so now you can order your garage shelving, check freight quote and complete the whole purchase process all in one place!  Most Importantly, PayPal and Zip Pay are now also available for your convenience.

In Super Rack, we always have something to suit your needs.  Please take your time to browse through our shelving collection.

600 KG Series Garage Shelving

This is Our BEST selling garage shelving series, it’s made of high-quality steel and is powder-coated in blue and white colour for extra protection. This shelving can hold up to 150kg per level and up to 600kg per unit. Furthermore, it comes with fully welded uprights for easy installation, as a result, no tool is required.  

This series is designed for light to medium duty storage and it is most suitable for sheds and warehouses.  In conclusion, it’s certainly the most popular model for home garage storage solution. 

This model comes with 1.8m and 2m height for your choice.  All units are covered by our 2 year warranty.  

1.8m Height Model

2m Height Model

garage shelving blue and white
Garage Shelving Cream White

800 KG Series Garage Shelving

This 800kg series is made of high quality steel, with cream white ( similar to light grey ) colour powder coated for extra protection.  This unit can hold up to 200kg per level, and up to 800kg per unit, with bolted upright design it is trended to be used for heavier duty environment.  

This series is designed for medium to heavy duty storage, ideal for garage and warehouse. 

This model comes with 2m, 2.4m and 2.7m height for your choice.  All units are covered by our 2 year warranty. 

2m Height Model

2.4m Height Model

2.7m Height Model

Garage Shelving Blue Orange

1600 KG Series Garage Shelving

This 1600kg series is built with exceptional quality, we have re-designed the upright to ensure this unit is 100% capable for any heavy duty use.   This unit comes with blue and orange colour powder coated for extra protection, and can hold up to 400kg per level, and up to 1600kg per unit.

This series is designed for very heavy duty storage, ideal for garage, warehouse and any heavy duty environment. 

This model comes with 2m and 2.4m height for your choice.  All units are covered by our 2 year warranty. 

2m Height Model

2.4m Height Model

Black Series

The “Black Series” is our Brand New super heavy duty shelving series. They come with full black powder-coated, these beasts not only look very elegant, but they also hold incredible weight! From 625kg per level to 900kg per level, they are just suitable for any situation!

All units are covered by our 2 year warranty. 

Our garage shelving

Our latest model garage shelving offers various of storage space – perfect for tools, boxes, etc, and excellent for garage and warehouse use. It provides plenty of space that can hold up to 150kg / 200kg / 400kg on each level; 600kgs / 800kgs / 1600kgs in total. The Shelves are fully adjustable and easy to install, all in just seconds. You can add extra level by buying more beams and shelf panels separately. Customised Long Span Shelving parts can be used as supporting structural steel columns for mezzanine floor.

Frequently Asked Questions

When do I need a Garage Shelving?

If you have a hard time to get things organised, or need more space for storage, then maybe it’s time for you to grab a long span shelving. With a proper storage shelving system setup, you can maximise your space, get things very well organised, and make it much easier to access your items.

And not just for domestic, we have lots of customers used our long span shelving for commercial purposes. We have mechanical garage owners used them as Tyre Racking, we also have customers combined them with storage bins to use in a clinic, and we have shop owners combined them with our shop shelving to build their new shop.

What do I need to consider when buying Garage Shelving?

First of all, you should consider which size is suitable for you.  Before you purchase, you should think about where to place it and measure the space to determine what is the length, width and height you have available.

Secondly, what load rating do you need?  Ask yourself how you will use it, what will you put on and how heavy will they be.

Thirdly, when you are chasing for a garage shelving, you should pay attention to the quality.  How can you tell if the quality is good or not?  One major factor to consider is the weight of the shelving itself.  Heavier weight means it’s made of better steel, which means better overall quality.

Lastly, if you are fancy with colour match, you can, by all means, select colour as your first principle, then choose size and capacity whichever could fit your needs.  With the shelving in the colour you love, it definitely will make your life happier.

Which shelving system is the best for me?

If you don’t have really heavy items to put on, the 600kg capacity series is the best option for you. This series comes in Blue and White colour, with 1.8m or 2m height, and 1.2m, 1.5m or 2m length. These units are very cost-effective and simple to install. If you don’t care about load rating, this will be your best choice.

If 2 meter is not high enough for you, or you need to store heavier items, the 800kg capacity series will be a better choice for you. This series comes in 2m, 2.4m or 2.7m height, and 1.5m or 2m length, which can cover most of the situations.

If you need something to store your very heavy-duty tools or items, the 1600kg capacity series and the Black Series are your best choice. The 1600kg Series comes with 2m and 2.4m height and can hold up to 400kg per level. While the “Black Series” only comes in 1 size, they can hold even heavier loading rate.

If you are not sure which one to purchase you can contact our friendly sales team, they are certainly happy to provide you with more details and assist you in deciding.

What do I need to know if I decide to pick up myself?

You need to make sure the shelving can fit in your car. All of our long span shelving units are flat-packed.

Usually, if you have 2m space in your car you should be able to fit in most of the shelving units unless you are purchasing 2.4m or 2.7m height shelving, then you may need a trailer to carry them.


Super Rack is the Best Garage Shelving seller in Melbourne and Brisbane. We supply brand new high-quality long span metal shelving units at a very competitive price and we do price matching. We offer Australia wide delivery service with the most competitive freight charge.


Safety and Durability are always our TOP priorities, we do our best to stick onto this principle. We select the best quality materials to fit in with our perfect design to ensure the long span shelving is long-lasting and absolutely safe.

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As a very successful and most powerful shelving seller, we have partner with different business to expand our range to Australia wide.  As much as we love to expand our business, we also love to assist our partners to be succeed in their business.   To become one of our successful reseller, please send email to “” for more details. 

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Currently, we have warehouses and head offices in Brisbane ( Richlands, 4077 ) and Melbourne ( Sunshine West, 3020 ), both are open to public and have a showroom setup.  You are more than welcome to visit us and take a look at our shelving displays.   If you have any enquiries, please send us a message and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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