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Tiny Home Australia: Discover Your Perfect Modern and Stylish Living Space

Welcome to a new era of sophisticated living with our tiny homes. Each space is thoughtfully designed to function beautifully as a granny flat, home office, or work studio, compact living solutions tailored for Australia.  These portable prefab tiny home merge eco-friendly innovations with sleek, minimalist design, making every square inch count. Whether you’re downsizing, seeking a creative retreat, or enhancing your property with a stylish granny flat, our tiny homes are crafted to inspire and adapt to your lifestyle. Explore the possibilities and find your perfect tiny home with us today.

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Discover The Studio, our compact and cost-effective container studio, designed for simplicity and efficiency.  Perfect as a home office, man cave, or weekend retreat, this 13 sqm space offers versatility and homely comforts.

Enjoy a tiny home that’s easy to set up, affordable, fits snugly into small spaces, and tailored for Australia.  Ideal for anyone needing a stylish, portable, and practical living or workspace solution.

Dimensions : 5.85 x 2.25 x 2.53 m (L x W x H)

Weight : Approx. 1400 KG

Area : 13 m2

From $23,100

Explore stylish and sustainable living with our Portable Prefab Tiny Homes. From budget-friendly prefab tiny homes to luxurious tiny houses, our collection offers versatile, eco-friendly solutions perfect for everything from hotel,  granny flats to holiday retreats.

Embrace simplicity and affordability with our beautifully designed, easy to set up tiny homes. Experience the charm of compact living today.

Whether you’re seeking a cozy granny flat, an innovative prefab tiny home, or a luxury tiny house, our portfolio ensures the perfect match for every taste and need in Australia.


  • Open: 6.36 x 5.85 x 2.53 m (W x L x H)
  • Closed: 2.25 x 5.85 x 2.53 m (W x L x H)

Weight : Approx. 4200 – 4500 KG

Area : 36 m2

From $33,990

Introducing Panora, our flagship model in the realm of modern luxury tiny home in Australia. Merging sleek design with the practicality of compact living, Panora tiny home sets a new standard for portable prefabricated tiny home. It features expansive glass walls that fill every corner with natural light, creating a spacious and inviting atmosphere that redefines modern elegance.

Ideal for granny flats, holiday homes, and more, it’s the pinnacle of sophisticated, sustainable tiny house living. Discover more about our luxury tiny homes today.


  • Open: 5.85 x 4.03x 2.53 m (W x L x H)
  • Closed: 5.85 x 2.25 x2.53 m (W x L x H)

Weight : Approx. 3600 KG

Area : 24 m2

From $40,590

Ideal For

Caravan Park


Holiday Home

Beach Cabin

Granny Flat


Temporary Home

Retirement Home

Home Office

Additional Room

Workers Accommodation


Benefits of Choosing Our Tiny Homes

Sustainable Living

Embrace eco-friendliness with homes that have a smaller environmental footprint. Our tiny homes use sustainable materials and energy-efficient designs to help you live a greener lifestyle.


Our tiny homes serve multiple purposes: a cozy granny flat for loved ones, a sleek office to boost productivity, or a creative studio for your arts and crafts. The possibilities are limitless.


Save on living expenses with a compact space that reduces utility bills and maintenance costs. Tiny houses offer financial freedom from the burdens of traditional housing.

Customisable Designs

Tailor your tiny house to suit your style and needs. Choose from a variety of layouts and aesthetic options to create your ideal living space.


Enjoy the flexibility of a portable home. Whether you’re relocating for work or seeking new scenery, our container tiny houses can easily travel with you.

Quick Setup

Avoid the long construction times associated with traditional homes. Our tiny homes are pre-fabricated and can be set up quickly, allowing you to move in sooner.

Our Process

The steps for purchasing and customising our portable prefabricated tiny homes.

1. Initial Consultation

Discuss your needs and preferences for the tiny home.

2. Design Customisation

Personalize the design to suit your style and requirements.

3. Details Confirmation

Confirm all the specifications and final plans.

4. Deposit Payment

Secure your order with a deposit.

5. Construction Updates

Receive regular updates as your tiny home is being built.

6. Final Payment

Complete the payment prior to delivery.

7. Delivery & Setup

Arrange for the delivery and setup of your new tiny house.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have a dedicated warehouse located in Richlands, QLD 4077, where we showcase our units. To arrange a viewing, kindly contact us to schedule an appointment.

There are various options available, please contact us for more information.

For available stock, we can dispatch your order within 2-3 business days. 

For Customised units, however, may require a minimum of 6 weeks from the purchase date for delivery. For further details, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We proudly offer seamless deliveries across Australia to facilitate a smooth transition for our valued customers. Detailed information about our expert installing contractors is available upon request.

Alternatively, for those proficient with battery drills and hand tools, our homes are designed for straightforward assembly. Should assistance be required, our team is readily available to provide guidance over the phone. Your satisfaction and ease of installation are our top priorities.

You can connect an extension cord within minutes of receiving your structure, making it ready for your laptop, TV, and coffee maker.

The listed price does not include appliances, Heat/AC systems, or furniture.

Our container tiny homes are typically considered temporary getaways rather than permanent residences.

Local government regulations vary, so we recommend contacting your local city council to determine if any permits or approvals are required.

Talk to Us About Your Dream Tiny Home!

Contact Our Expert Team Today for Your Free, No-Obligation Quote!

We have a dedicated warehouse located in Richlands, QLD 4077, where we showcase our units.

To arrange a viewing, kindly contact us to schedule an appointment.


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