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Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is a specific type of warehouse storage system which is a combination of vertical column, base, arms and horizontal and/or cross bracing. The bracing is used to join two or more cantilever bays together. They are often used in lumber yards, woodworking shops, and plumbing supply warehouses. (source)Cantilever rack advantages for storing various types of bulky over-sized long loads such as timber, plasterboard, steel trusses & piping, PVC carpet.

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Currently, we have customer service centres and warehouses in Brisbane and Melbourne.

If you have a plan, our professional team can work with you to satisfy all your requirement. Or you can simply let us know how large your area is and our professional team will do the rest for you.

In Super Rack, we design and supply different types of system to fit your needs, contact us now and let us know what you need and we will do the rest for you!

Quality and Safety

Our cantilever racking is made with exceptional quality, as safety and durability are always our first priority. Our cantilever racking upright posts are made with 3 mm thickness, 9 cm deep and with enhancement plate and strong pins which meet Australian Standard and ensure they can securely hold up to 4000 kg!


Uprights – Vertical beam that supports the arms, our upright consist enhancement plate for strong support.

Base – bolted directly to the enhancement plate of our upright, providing the stability and support for the upright to bear the load.

Arms – A horizontal beams that support the load when stored, can be adjusted at different angles to suit different needs.

Braces – Join two or more cantilever bays together, creating strength and rigidity.

While designing your Cantilever Racking System, do not forget that the height of your building and the range of your forklift are the main factors that your should consider when choosing the right upright size.


We guarantee the best quality while offering the most competitive price, check out our price and you won’t be disappointed.

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We provide Australia wide delivery service with a very reasonable freight charge

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