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Australian Standard Information AS4084-2012 – Steel Storage Racking

The following information has been taken from the Standards Australia website, Workcover NSW website and the Australian Standard AS4084-2012 – Steel Storage Racking.

The AS4084-2012 standard sets out the minimum requirements for the design, fabrication and erection tolerances, test methods, operation and maintenance of steel storage racking. Compliance to the standards is normally voluntary unless incorporated into legislation. At this point in time there is currently no legislation in place that incorporates this Standard. That being said the additional cost to have every project designed and certified by a structural engineer would be very costly. It is of course also possible to operate outside of both options, however the legal and financial ramifications could be costly down the line. Therefore it is safer and more cost effective to adhere to the Australian Standards.

The Basic Changes

The new AS4084-2012 standard goes into great deal about the testing methods of the pallet racking systems. We will go over the basic changes that affect our customers when we are putting forward a quotation.

(A). Where required, the end frame on each row should extend past the top load beam by at least 50% of the unit load (pallet) height. (1.3.11)

(B). The load signs have extra requirements now such as to be permanent and corrosion resistant in one or more conspicuous places. They also require the following information; unit load limit, beam load limit, bay load limit, designer’s name, manufacturer’s name, supplier’s name, installation date, maximum distance from ground to first beam level, maximum distance from first to second beam level. (1.6a)

(C). Racking configuration drawings and specifications need to be included with each installation.(1.6b)

(D). Upright Protectors of at least 400mm high must be positioned on the frame at the end of a row of racking at an aisle cross section. (2.4.1a)

(E). Clearance from the top of a pallet to the underside of the load beam above it shall be a minimum of 75mm for beams under 6.0m and 100mm for load beams above 6.0m (1.7.2)

(F). The flue space in between back to back rows must be a minimum of 100mm. This brings the minimum required frame spacer to 430mm (Figure 1.7.2)

(G). 2 floors anchors per base plate must be used when the racking is being serviced by a mechanical device (2.7.5)

(H). The racking supplier shall provide user manuals and appropriate training to the end users for correct usage and maintenance of the racking (8.1.1)

(I). No changes are allowed to the configuration or usage of the racking without the racking suppliers authorisation. (8.1.3)

(J). Inspection must be carried out at least once every 12 months. The Australian Standard has a list of what needs to be inspected. (8.2)

(K). A supply of beam locking devices shall be stocked on site. (8.3.6)

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