Stillage Basket

Stillage Basket, Wire Mesh Cage which folds away after use. Perfect for freight companies who transport fruit and vegetables, warehouse factories or even tidy up your garage. Strong enough to be stacked 4 levels high which means you get the mess off the floor and use your factory storage space in an economical way.

When factory storage price is so high, why not use every square inch possible?  Super Rack also supplies Stack Up Cage for in-door and out-door storage, best long lasting option for logistics.

Whiles traditional wooden pallets are effective for many uses, they still have their limits on loading capacity and durability.  The Stillage Basket and Stack Up stillage at Super Rack crafted from high quality steel, they can provide far greater level of loading rate, and durability.

Feel free to look at our Stillage Basket collection, feel free to contact us for any enquiries.

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